Primary WAN Failover

Secondary WAN Failover

Failover Rapidity

Power Infrastructure

Battery Backup Units Health

Voltage Health

Battery Instant Failover

Redundant Power Supplies Health & Failover

Automatic Transfer Switch Failover

Routing and Core Distribution

Cross-Campus Connetion Failover and Load-Balancing

Firewall Backup

Intermediate Internet Switching Failover

Core Switch Management Failover

IP Tunnel and VPN Failover

Server Infrastructure

Virtual Machine Health and Redundancy

Network Connection Failover and Load-Balancing

RAID Storage Health

Power Supply Redundancy

Server Backup Health & Redundancy

System Infrastructure

Mount Vernon Domain Failover, Redundancy, and Load-Balancing

Single Sign-On Authentication

Printing System Failover

Phone System Failover

Security System Failover

Real-Time Network Infrastructure Monitoring System

Website Farm Failover and Load-Balancing

Wired and Wireless Networking

Wi-Fi Authentication Failover

Network Addressing Failover and Load-Balancing

Fiber-Optics Integrity

Switching Health and Functionality